Our 12 days of giving has come to an end

£120,000 awarded to 120 different charities over 12 days

Below some of our lucky charities talk about their £1,000 wins and the difference it will make. View all 120 winners here.

If you are one of our lucky winners you can still download our Winners press release template here to tell people you have won and share your story.

Cotswold Riding for the Disabled

Cotswold RDA provides riding lessons and other equine-based activities for disabled adults and children for the benefit of their health and wellbeing.

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Cotswold RDA is so much more than just a riding school- it really is a very special community of our riders, their families, carers, schools, care homes, our amazing volunteers, Trustees, staff and of course, our ponies! We worked so hard to change our operations to be Covid secure and were thrilled to welcome 80 disabled adults and children back in the saddle. The riders were so grateful to have the opportunity to regain physical fitness as well as the increase in their confidence which had been sorely missed over lockdown. Our volunteers had missed the sense of purpose, reduced isolation and friendship that they gain from their time with us. Social distancing means that so many will not be able to ride for the foreseeable future. We welcomed 120 people to our Peaceful Pony Paddock to spend time with a pony in our beautiful sensory walk since it opened in August.

We want to reach more people and so are launching a series of videos starring “Freddie” in his stable, out in his fields, being ridden and even off to a show. We can provide some sensory items to include hay, old tack and brushes to enhance the experience. More ideas will follow including downloadable activities!

Autism Early Support

Autism Early Support provides education, support and research for early years autism.

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Each year we directly support approximately 75 children and their families. Additionally 250 practitioners and professionals benefit from our training courses which  increases their knowledge, skills and confidence with working with children with autism.

The amazing donation of £1,000 from Ecclesiastical  will help Autism Early Support and Circle Centre’s  multidisciplinary team of Specialist Teachers, Speech and Language  and Occupational Therapists and specialist  Learning Support Assistants to  continue  providing specialist  teaching, therapy and  support to children  aged 2- 11 years with autism and other communication difficulties and help them  develop vital communication, social and emotional skills. Either via our specialist nursery or accessing our outreach services.

Cavendish Cancer Care

Cavendish Cancer Care provides free-of-charge care and support to families affected by cancer, to help them have the best possible quality of life during and long after treatment.

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In response to Covid-19, we have launched new telephone and online services to ensure that we can continue supporting people whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer.  This funding will help us to expand these new services and provide more families with the care they need during an incredibly difficult time.  Specifically it will fund around 40 hours of individually-tailored therapy for cancer patients, their carers and their children, who may be struggling more than ever to understand and come to terms with what is happening.

Our support can reduce stress and anxiety, ease pain and nausea, and help people to eat, sleep and move better.  By seeing whole families, we help them individually but we also help them to support each other.  We help people move past the shock of diagnosis, take back control over what can be an incredibly overwhelming situation and live well, during and long after cancer treatment.


Allsorts is a charity that provides everyday fun activities and support for families who have children with additional needs.

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This incredible donation of £1000 will pay for our Stroud Activity Hub to stay open for 1 month. This will enable us to run our Covid safe play sessions which are vital for families, many of whom struggle to access things outside of Allsorts. This is where we house our Toy Library, where there’s a large range of high quality toys to choose from, as well as specialist equipment.

Through the Toy Library families have the opportunity to find which toys their children like best. Our toys and equipment can help improve physical, developmental and cognitive skills in a fun and safe way. Parents and carers can come and seek support through peers or our friendly and welcoming staff team.

Allsorts supported 375 families across Gloucestershire last year.

Little Blue Heroes

Little Blue Heroes Foundation’s vision is to support families of children with serious illnesses in Ireland while empowering the lives of children through positive community engagement.

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Little Blue Heroes Foundation offers support to families in Ireland who have children with life-threatening or life-limiting condition(s). In supporting such families, the donation will help us to offer financial support to help alleviate some of the “hidden” costs (non-medical) incurred by families when making the necessary frequent trips to hospitals and medical facilities for treatment. They can include accommodation, meals, petrol, parking fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. It will also help us grant the wish of some of the children we support to become Honorary Gardaí (Police) to empower the child and foster positive engagement with An Garda Síochána (Irish Police Service).

Meath Epilepsy

The Meath Epilepsy Charity offers specialist residential care home, supported living and day center activities for adults with complex epilepsy, physical and learning disabilities based in Godalming, Surrey.

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This donation will cover the cost of 33 activity sessions for the people we support.  Being actively engaged in a wide range of fun and stimulating activities is so important for everyone but especially so for our residents.  We offer six days a week four different activities across three sessions each day which range from fitness, IT, arts and crafts, drama, singing, woodwork to orienteering to name but a few!  All activities are held in line with our strict Infection Control Protocols and we ensure correct social distancing is maintained at all times.  We are very grateful for this funding – thank you so much!

This funding will directly benefit 123 people who are some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group

Bath Cancer Unit Support Group (BCUSG) are a small local charity run entirely by volunteers who since 1985 have been raising money to purchase and provide facilities and services unable to be funded by the NHS, to benefit cancer patients at the Royal United Hospital Bath.

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We have just donated £340,000 towards the purchase of a Veriton Digital Gamma Camera which is the first of its kind to be installed anywhere in the country. The new camera is making a real difference for local cancer patients by reducing scanning times, creating much clearer images to help with diagnosis and resulting in patients being exposed to smaller doses of radiation for their scan.

Currently, in conjunction with senior clinicians we are identifying our next major fundraising project and the fantastic donation of £1,000 from Ecclesiastical Insurance will get us off to a great start.


Mencap is the leading charity supporting children and adults with a learning disability across the UK – all 1.5 million of them. Everything we do is about valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, and their families and carers.

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Our vision is a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included.

Your wonderful donation will go a long way in funding our services such as our supported living homes, employment services, leisure activities and more. The pandemic has been hard on our charity and has had such an impact, your wonderful donation will help us to better support people with a learning disability and continue to provide the vital services across the UK – thank you.

The Anchorage Association

We are a small group of volunteers who support the learners at The Endeavour Co-operative Academy; a school caring for and educating children and young people with Special Educational Needs.

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The £1000 donation is very gratefully received and will be used towards the refurbishment of our school library. This space is currently dull, uninspiring and our learners do not enjoy using this important area of our school as we would like them to.

Although we have lots of books, the majority are not appropriate for our learner's reading levels, needs and interests.  All our pupils are currently below their expected reading ages.  Some can read on or above their reading ages, but do not have the comprehension skills to understand the meaning, which means they are still below their appropriate reading age.  Approximately 10% of our pupil population cannot read at all and struggle to decode words and sounds.  Improving reading skills will help our learners to grow mentally, emotionally and increase their confidence.  Simple tasks that many of us take for granted, such as navigating our environment, following instructions to cook our meals and even wash our clothes, can be challenging for a person who is unable to read.

One of our sincere aims is to equip our learners with the skills to live as independently as possible when they leave The Endeavour.  This library will benefit all 120 children and young people at the academy now and for years to come.  Thank you from all of us for this donation!


MADRA is dedicated to finding new homes for unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned dogs. We have always prioritised dogs that are in local authority pounds but we also provide a ‘direct from home’ service for people who need to rehome dogs for a variety of reasons, e.g. homelessness, ill health/death of owners etc.

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As well as this, we provide other related services to the public such as:

  • Education in schools (primary and secondary).
  • Facilities for service users from REHAB, Brothers of Charity, etc. to visit our kennels and interact with the dogs.
  • Emergency canine accommodation for dogs of people who find themselves homeless or in domestic abuse shelters.
  • Training for marginalised people within the community via FORUM.
  • The probation services, Youthreach etc.
  • Canine transport to the vets for older dog owners who may not drive.

Our Shelter is currently full of abandoned dogs that need rehabilitation before they are ready to be rehomed. We have seen a steep rise this year in the number of dogs coming in that need some extra care and time before they are ready to begin life as a family pet.

However, we also have humans who are experiencing very difficult circumstances and need our help with temporary, emergency accommodation for their dogs. One lady is being hospitalised and needs someone to look after her two dogs; another lady is being made homeless and cannot find accommodation that will take a dog.

We simply don’t have the space to accommodate these dogs at our Shelter but we really want to be able to help these people. We have specially negotiated rates at local boarding kennels for situations like this and your donation will enable us to ensure these dogs are looked after in a safe, friendly environment while giving their owners the time they need to recover and get themselves back on track.

Children's Heart Surgery fund

The donation will help to fund a Headlight Camera to be worn by surgeons during operations on babies and children with congenital heart disease at the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit. It will be a vital tool for increasing understanding of complex heart defects, training staff, and improving care and outcomes for these patients.

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The use of the Headlight Camera with live display in the operating theatre will improve understanding of abnormalities of the heart, as well as operating techniques. It will benefit the whole medical team caring for the patient at the time of the operation. It will contribute to improvements in team working and in quality of care for patients with increasingly complex heart conditions.

The ability to view an operation in more detail (both during the procedure and reviewing the recorded images) is an important tool for training surgeons and for determining if re-operations are needed for patients.

Your funding will help to enhance the lives of the 400 young patients who have surgical procedures in the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit each year, many of whom have life-limiting conditions.

Seashell Trust

Seashell supports children and young people with profound disabilities to become valuable and valued members of the community through education, residential care, specialist training and inclusive sport.

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This donation will enable us to support more families with babies and toddlers who have very complex needs. There is little provision for these families elsewhere and so this weekly service is vital in giving new parents as many tools as possible to cope with and learn strategies to help their infant develop. We know early intervention is incredibly important in ensuring a baby or child can maximize their potential as they progress through our school and college in to their adult life. Our Stay and Play focuses on sensory strategies, early forms of nonverbal communication and support and signposting for parents who have been thrown in to a world that can be so confusing and isolating. We have now started to offer this service online and our goal is to reach any family in the UK that needs our help.

We can support up to 40 people per week in person at our session and unlimited numbers online, which is amazing. We are also looking to roll out our in person sessions to different geographical locations in 2021 (COVID dependent!).

The DYRK1A Syndrome International Association

The DYRK1A UK Community charity provides funding for a meet up conference that benefits the families of and individuals with DYRK1A syndrome, as well as providing an opportunity for specialists such as Geneticists and Researchers to learn more about this rare genetic condition.

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The £1000 donation will help fund the costs of the next DYRK1a Families Meet up Conference in the UK.

The conference is an amazing opportunity to connect with other families from across the UK and share information and experiences in dealing with the challenges our DYRK1a children and young people have in life.

In addition to our families gaining more of an understanding around the medical aspects, traits, latest research and therapies from the specialist speakers who will attend and present during the event we are also able to use the conference to establish and provide knowledge to them.

We are planning to run our postponed 2020 event for families and researchers as soon as social distancing restrictions are lifted. The venue will likely be in the midlands. We have had 2 previous events in London in August 2017 and July 2018.

The funding provided will help ensure that as many families as possible are able to benefit from this event by being able to pay for the conference facilities during the meet up for all the speakers and the families attending. This will help encourage attendance of families who would otherwise not feel able to financially.

Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan is an environmental education charity, empowering people to live more sustainably and make greener choices through education and engaging action-led workshops across schools and communities in Ireland.

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Thanks to Ecclesiastical 12 Days of Giving generous donation, we will be able to reach more beneficiaries and educate them about how their environmental actions impact on our world, starting from a local level. We don’t need a handful of people acting perfectly, but a lot of people making whatever little change they can to make a substantial difference and tackle the environmental challenges we are witnessing and living. 

Schools are at the centre of many communities - bringing together young people and community members in a safe space to learn and grow. It is essential not to leave behind the youth of our generation regarding education on environmental challenges. Most importantly, our educational programmes and workshops give learners tools so that they can become empowered active citizens and make positive changes within their community. A vast proportion of our work is carried out in DEIS schools, many of which would not have the funding to deliver environmental education programmes within the school. Without donors and contributors such as Ecclesiastical, this would not be possible. We are incredibly grateful for this timely donation.

With this donation, we will be able to reach a considerable number of learners. And, by successfully engaging with schools, students can now take their interest from what they have learned in the classroom to their families and the wider community, who are as a result empowered to take meaningful action too. Part of the ethos of GAP is that our education programmes have a multiplying effect (ripple effect), where we empower learners to become ‘community champions’ who will then pass on their knowledge, skills and passion to other members of the community. Our workshops, programmes, and events are structured with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and national curriculum as a framework. This ensures that all our educational programmes and workshops act as a conduit for individual action and collective impact. 

The Sophie Barringer Trust

Primarily working in the Wessex region, Sophie’s Appeal supports the social, emotional and educational welfare of children fighting cancer and other life limiting illnesses, their families, nursing and support staff and provide a caring and supportive environment in both local hospitals and in the community.

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As one of several aims, Sophie’s Appeal is proud to have introduced and continue to fund the Beads of Courage programme on Piam Brown children’s cancer ward at Southampton General Hospital.  This programme provides a distraction for children whilst undergoing treatment and also a visual record of their journey.

For each trip to the hospital and every treatment they receive a child will be given a bead to represent that particular procedure or visit.  For many children, they can collect hundreds or in some cases thousands of beads over their cancer journey.

Not only does it tell their story, it enables them to share with their siblings and friends what they are going through and even engenders a bit of fun rivalry on their regular visits to the hospital when children can often be found comparing their collection of beads.

There are around 100 children diagnosed with cancer every year at Southampton and, with some cancer treatments lasting many years, the total number of children supported by the Beads of Courage is vast.

With your support, Sophie’s Appeal will continue to support the social, emotional and educational welfare of children fighting cancer in the Wessex Region.

Tall Ships Youth Trust

The Tall Ships Youth Trust is a vibrant and highly professional youth development charity, offering life changing voyages to disadvantaged young people aged 12-25 years, on board our ocean-going yachts.

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Your award will provide 5 disadvantaged young people with a £200 bursary towards a Tall Ships Youth Trust residential voyage in 2021.

These young people will be facing various issues, e.g. learning/physical/mental difficulties, behavioural/emotional/social difficulties, they may be young carers, from black or ethnic minority backgrounds, not in employment, education or training, or from chaotic households. They will all be lacking the self-esteem needed to reach their true potential.

A voyage with us will provide them with a unique, physically and mentally challenging sea-going environment that allows them to develop independent living, work-based and community skills and demonstrate their true capabilities.  

During their voyage, they will work as a team and take part in all activities, (e.g. setting/stowing sails, helming, navigation, meteorology, cooking/cleaning), in order to improve their teamworking, communication and problem-solving skills.

Our highly professional crew fully involve everyone, encouraging them to focus on what they can do, not what they cannot do, which creates opportunities for success and builds self-esteem.

Having to live and work together as a small community at sea is an intense social experience which can result in lasting friendships and an increased understanding of the need for respect, patience, and tolerance of others.

A week at sea with us becomes a truly transformational experience.

University Hospitals Birmingham Charity

University Hospitals Birmingham Charity is the official charity for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Heartlands Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Solihull Hospital - providing anything that is ‘over and above’ what the NHS provides; whether that be equipment, facilities, research or welfare for staff and patients.

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The donation will go towards our Christmas Appeal to fund hampers for staff and patients, trees around our hospitals, toys for children and activities for elderly patients.

This year has been especially difficult in our hospitals. Staff have been working tremendously hard in these new and unfamiliar conditions and ultimately staff are scared to go to work.

Patients face the prospect of spending Christmas alone in hospital, unable to receive visits from their loved ones, feeling lonely and isolated.

At UHB Charity, we are doing our best to bring that festive cheer to our hospitals this year and raise spirits! We have put Christmas trees up all around our hospitals and will be delivering hampers to all wards and departments across the trust for staff and patients to enjoy.

There will be approximately 1000 patients spending Christmas in hospital and over 20,000 members of staff who will be working over Christmas period. Your donation will help us make Christmas in our hospitals that little bit more special!

Thank you again for your very generous donation.

Alzheimers Society

Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. We campaign for change, fund research to find a cure and support people living with dementia today.

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Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer. Someone develops it every three minutes and there’s currently no cure. Thanks to Ecclesiastical’s donation, we can continue to fund our Dementia Connect service. This donation will help 100 people begin their Dementia Connect journey with a call from one of our telephone-based Dementia Advisers. This first contact with a person living with dementia, their carer or family member is the initial step in understanding how we can best support them.

Our innovative Dementia Connect service will transform the support people receive and will provide the right support in the best way for each individual person. Combining face-to-face support with telephone and online advice and information offered by specially trained Dementia Advisers. Our expert Dementia Advisers and trained volunteers are available to speak to by phone or face-to-face. They help people with dementia take back control of their lives and remain independent for longer.

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trus

S.C.C.T. is a national registered charity set up to increase inclusion through the dispensation of disability equipment, sensory packs and organisation of educational opportunities.

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We also provide emotional and practical support for parents and carers as well as family interaction days that give access to sports and educational activities for the benefit of children and young people under the age of twenty-one who have serious muscular skeletal condition such as scoliosis, bone cancer or spina bifida alongside complex health needs and or/learning disabilities.

These funds will allow us to purchase ten educational sensory packs for disabled children with complex needs that are educated at home providing them with mental stimuli and helping us combat social isolation.

The Mulberry Centre

Improving the lives of anyone affected by cancer, by enhancing emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.

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The Mulberry Centre is a cancer information and support centre with a welcoming and non-clinical environment based on the grounds of West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth. We aim to provide support and information for anyone affected by cancer, offering practical ways of enhancing the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of people.

We provide free services for anyone affected by cancer - not just those with cancer, but also carers and those bereaved by cancer. The donation will be used to improve people’s lives during a critical time, through their cancer journey from diagnosis, treatment, and post-discharge. We help them to start re-building their lives and promote self-management. We also support carers and family members to deal with these changes. We do this by providing person-centred counselling, coaching, emotional support, complementary therapies, wellbeing classes, workshops, social and creative activities, and supporting information, tailored to the needs of our users at, and around, our purpose-built centre as well as through our online and telephone remote services.

SiMBA Simpson's Memory Box Appeal

SiMBA is here to support anyone affected by the loss of a baby.

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Your donation will allow us to provide all of our core services including donating Memory Boxes to bereaved families allowing them to create memories of their much-wanted baby that will last a lifetime.

It will allow us to continue to provide our Safe Space virtual support groups, and when it is safe to do so, our monthly Support Groups.

It will allow us to continue to refurbish our Family Rooms and to install our memorial Trees of Tranquillity offering bereaved families the opportunity to honour their baby in a very special way. In short, it will allow us to continue to be here and for that we are so very grateful.

This year alone we have donated over 7,500 Memory Boxes to support bereaved families, many of whom have gone on to access our support services. We hope, with this donation, to grow this even more next year.

Bay Trust Radio

Bay Trust Radio provides a local radio service to patients, staff and visitors in local hospitals across North Lancashire, South Cumbria and the Fylde Coast as well as the wider community online.

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The charity is run entirely by volunteers who run the 24 hour service alongside other initiatives including patient entertainment and a digital project which provides tablets to patients for calling friends and family whilst ward visiting is suspended.

The donation from Ecclesiastical will allow our station to make further improvements to our service and give our programmes a fresh new sound for 2021 and the years ahead. After such a challenging year for fundraising, the donation will make a huge difference as our charity expands to reach more people in our area and help make a difference.

Senior Staffy Club

Senior Staffy Club rescues and re-homes Staffordshire bull terriers and staffy cross dogs who are aged 7 years and older and have successfully been doing this since 2012

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Senior Staffy Club give the older dog, the chance of a new life, love, and the vet treatment they often need due to previous neglect.

Many of these dogs are saved from the pound after being abandoned by their previous owners. Others are from homes where they can no longer be looked after properly.

We ensure each dog is neutered or spayed, vaccinated, treated for any existing condition and microchipped before they are rehomed. We home check each potential adopter to ensure they will be responsible dog owners and work extremely hard to match the right dog with the right person and if the adoption doesn’t work we will always take the dog back.

We only take into our care Senior dogs, this means our vet care bills are always quite high as many have illnesses common among older dogs such as potential cancerous lumps, mammary tumours, dental problems, eye problems. We will treat all of these, as advised by the vet.

The funding we receive will be spent directly on the vet bills/kennel bills we have to pay to keep the Seniors in our care healthy, safe and happy.

We rescued and gave a new lease of life to 60 Senior Staffies last year …..along with the humans that adopted them!

Swansea Music Art Digital

Swansea MAD is a grassroots Youth and Community charity; we are passionate about social justice, digital inclusion, arts, heritage and the environment and support over 1000 marginalised young people and adults each year.

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The donation of £1000 from Ecclesiastical will help fund our InTune project which widens access to music and creative for young people in Swansea by providing a recording studio, training, support, mentoring and (Living Wage) paid internships.

Many of the young people we support experience poverty and discrimination, including those who are disabled, unemployed, experiencing mental health problems, homelessness and low literacy. The project helps young people develop confidence, increase their skills, gain qualifications and progress in careers in the music industries. It provides opportunities for and enables young people in Swansea to achieve their potential, through increasing access to the arts and promoting social inclusion.

The Cross Teach Trust

Crossteach teaches about the Christian faith in schools, so that pupils can develop spiritually through understanding, engaging with and responding to the Christian faith.

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At the end of a challenging year, it has been a great encouragement to receive one of the Ecclesiastical 12 Days of Christmas £1,000 prizes.

As an educational charity, our work has been directly affected with reduced access to schools. One of the ways we have been trying to adapt is to provide an online library of digital resources for schools and parents to make use of. This money will help us develop this work further and improve the quality of the resources we are providing and make them available to more schools.

Through these resources, young people will continue to have the opportunity to learn about the Christian faith from members of their local Christian communities. We already reach thousands of young people through our work, but an online library creates the opportunity to reach thousands more.

Through these activities young people are able to engage with what Christians believe and our work directly promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of young people. In a year of change and restrictions, we want young people to remember there are places they can find hope: they can find a light in the darkness.

Disabled Ramblers

Our charity works across England and Wales to help make the countryside more accessible to people with limited mobility, which benefits everyone.

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Ecclesiastical’s donation will help to fund the cost of transporting our four all-terrain loan scooters and mobile accessible toilet to ramble locations. Covid aside, we organise group rambles in all parts of the country, carefully researched to ensure they are fully accessible for our members. The loan scooters enable members who do not have a suitable all-terrain mobility vehicle to participate in our rambles. By taking the accessible mobile toilet with us on our rambles, participants can ramble with us for a full day, comfortable in the knowledge that this essential facility will be available. We are very reliant on the unstinting charity and goodwill of our members to arrange rambles and tow the trailer with the loan scooters and mobile toilet, often at some cost to themselves. This donation will help to ease that burden.

At present we have some 150 paid up members. Our Facebook group has more than 625 members to whom we and the group’s members reach out to share experiences and knowledge.

Sarcoidosis UK

SarcoidosisUK exists to fund research into a cure for sarcoidosis - until then, the charity works to inform and support anyone affected by the rare disease.

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The incredible £1,000 donation from Ecclesiastical will make a real difference to the work we do. Sarcoidosis is a rare and often-misunderstood disease that does not receive sufficient attention from pharmaceutical companies or medical researchers, therefore research into sarcoidosis is limited. SarcoidosisUK are changing this - we work hard to raise sufficient money to fund at least one major sarcoidosis research project each year. We are going to keep going until we have found a cure for sarcoidosis, and help change the lives of those living with the disease along the way. As a result, all of the money from the £1000 donation will be committed to our 2021 research project. Thanks to our partnership with the British Lung Foundation, any funds that we commit to research are doubled, meaning that the donation will actually be worth £2000 and have an even bigger impact. We receive no government funding, so none of our research would be possible without donations such as this!

Through generous donations, SarcoidosisUK is able to provide support and quality information to the 70,000 people living with sarcoidosis in the UK. By funding research to find a cure and using the £1000 donation specifically towards that, our work could help improve the lives of people all over the world.

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land

Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land makes a positive difference to the lives of the working and abandoned donkeys of Israel and the Palestinian Territories by providing a sanctuary, free veterinary care and advice and support to the owners.

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Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land was set up 20 years ago in response to the plight of the many abandoned and ill-treated donkeys in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. In addition to the charity’s sanctuary in Israel, home to around 200 unwanted and abused animals, the charity provides free veterinary care to working donkeys, mules and horses across the Palestinian Territories, as well as advice and support to their owners.

The grant of £1,000 from Ecclesiastical will be used to offer some of these working animals treatments such as worming, hoof trimming and wound care. With the average treatment costing around £10, we will be able to treat about 100 animals with this wonderful donation, improving their lives and enabling them to stay fit and healthy enough to carry out their work for the people who rely on them to provide for their families. Thank you to all who nominated Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land.


Lincs2Nepal is a 100% voluntary charity dedicated to improving the education, health and general development of families in the poorer communities of Nepal.

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In normal times, our principal activity is to fund a scholarship programme at Jeevan Jyoti School in Kohalpur, Nepal for almost 400 girls and boys from lower caste families, who would not otherwise receive a quality education. Many of the children's families live a hand-to-mouth existence in surrounding villages, working in the fields each day to provide that night’s meal.

Covid-19 required Nepal to impose lockdown and other restrictions that, with no furloughing or benefit safeguards in place, meant no income and no food for many of our families. Since June 2020, we have raised more than £12,000 to support the poorest families with food and other essential items. We have used Jeevan Jyoti School in Kohalpur as a hub for purchasing supplies and distribution to families in greatest need. It typically costs about £30 per month to provide rice, potatoes, oil, lentils, onions, vegetables, face masks and hand sanitizer for a family. While the number of families that need our support is reducing gradually, we intend to use the £1,000 you have awarded us to continue that programme of support to those still in most need, enabling us to provide vital food and other essential supplies to 33 families for one month.

Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care

Our charity is a cancer patient transport service that takes cancer patients, free of charge, from their homes in the North East of England to their cancer treatment at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne in our brightly coloured ambulances.

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We have 26 ambulances helping the cancer patients of the North East. We have 4 full time staff and over 400 volunteers who give up their time to help cancer patients. Our charity has continued to operate throughout the Covid 19 emergency  and we pay tribute to our staff and volunteers for their hard work and their continued dedication. We make thousands of patient journeys each year and help cancer patients at a difficult time. The funds supplied by Ecclesiastical will assist our charity to continue their work during 2021.

Pyjama Fairies

Pyjama Fairies is the only UK charity to make pyjamas and surgical gowns specially designed for babies and children up to age 16 having surgery or any other associated medical test.

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Pyjama Fairies mission is to make hospital stays easier for children and their families.

Winning the £1,000 will allow us to buy fabric to make 100 garments for a donation to a Children's Ward at a UK Hospital, potentially making a difference to 100 children who are undergoing medical intervention, surgery or tests etc.

Evidence has shown that our garments help to alleviate the stress of being in hospital.  They allow poorly children to retain a sense of their own identity.  Our gowns let children be children and not just patients.  Visiting a sick child in hospital can have a profound impact on siblings and relatives, feedback from parents and healthcare professionals tells us that our gowns make the visits less clinical, the hospital wards less intimidating. 

Due to the current pandemic, our funding has been significantly cut due to us not being able to hold fundraising events, our supporters holding charity days etc. and general grants etc. being dramatically cut. This really will help us to keep helping the people who need it the most.

Prickles and Paws

Prickles and Paws is a hedgehog rescue charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native British Hedgehogs in Cornwall.

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Prickles and Paws has faced its busiest ever year and considerable pressures due to covid-19 and the closure of other rescues. The organisation is having to rapidly expand to accommodate an ever-increasing number of hedgehogs in need. Before the end of the year we will likely have admitted over 1,000 hedgehogs.

Caring for this number of animals requires specialist equipment such as incubators and has resulted in a sharp increase in veterinary and medication costs. We have ambitious plans for the future involving moving to new premises, expanding our volunteering and education programmes whilst increasing our capacity for hedgehogs and eventually we hope other wildlife. This money will help us to continue to provide the essential rescue and rehabilitation service for unwell, injured and orphaned hedgehogs whilst also helping make our expansion plans become a reality.

The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain

We are the Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain, and we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome basset hounds, plus providing support to basset hound owners all over the country.

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Your donation will enable us to fund vital veterinary care to the hounds that come into our care, from the basics such as neutering and vaccinating, to specialist care such as eye and ear surgery. We fundraise for any intervention our hounds need, including behaviourist support.

Our hounds become our family, and we provide any intervention required so that when they leave us, they are happy, healthy hounds.

We are all volunteers, and receive no payment, we have an incredible army of fosters, transporters and homecheckers that we simply could not do our work without, your funding helps us to continue our work with basset hounds. We rehome on average about 70 dogs a year, most of whom require veterinary care.


MAIN provides short breaks (respite) for families affected by autism, mental health and other disabilities throughout Teesside, North Yorkshire and County Durham.

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The donation will fund our Big Build project. We have recently bought our own premises - a former health centre. We are converting it into a specifically adapted venue to host our services and need to raise funds to do this. This will include:

  • a high needs area, equipped with a wet room, changing area and sensory room
  • a low needs area equipped with table tennis table, pool table, social area, break out room and soft play area
  • an outside play area including sunken trampoline and
  • for adults a pizza oven, BBQ area and gazebo.

We are providers of alternative education where children who are unable to access a mainstream education provision and may be at risk of exclusion can access our services. The new venue will have two classrooms to accommodate children in need of this provision.

We also plan to have an area where we will teach independent living skills of cooking.

We will have an area where adults will learn to restore and recycle old furniture. They will learn how to list this on line and sell, thereby self-funding the project ongoing.

The centre encircles an outdoor space which will become a sensory garden. We also intend to have vegetable plots where our service users can learn to grow vegetables.

We estimate that when finished this will provide services to circa 1,000 people. This does not include the amount of local people who will gain employment from the services we provide, and local businesses which will benefit from our staff and service users accessing them.

Medic to Medic

We support disadvantaged students in developing countries to complete their training as health workers by supporting them with yearly tuition fees, stationery allowances and one-off items including medical equipment, books and laptop; ensuring each individual has everything they need to successfully qualify to serve the impoverished health services in their country.

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This donation will cover capital costs of setting up an office space in Malawi where the majority of our student community are located. This will ensure that we are locally sustainable, with a student coordinator on the ground who is able to trouble shoot student issues as they arise and be a listening ear to all students applying for scholarships. It will be a place where students can come to study and borrow books and laptops to help with their study.

We currently support a community of 60 students however as we take on more students each year, this office space will benefit many more students in the future as well. We are excited about 2021!

Insight Gloucestershire

Insight Gloucestershire is a charity supporting people with sight loss around the county.

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The £1000 from Ecclesiastical will fund our vital Helpline for a month. In this time our Helpline will receive up to 300 calls and they will often be the first contact with people seeking support due to sight loss.

These callers are often elderly, distressed and concerned about losing their independence. Our Sight Loss Advisors will offer advice and information on the phone and if necessary, provide follow up support including referrals to other agencies. If appropriate they will also send out equipment on a trial basis to enable the callers to live as independently as possible.

Our Helpline in 2021 will be a particularly valuable service for our Clients while many of them are still unable to travel into our Cheltenham Resource Centre to meet our Sight Loss Advisors.

The Bevern Trust

The Bevern Trust is a charity which ensures that people with profound disabilities can live truly active and fulfilling lives, in an environment where they can feel safe, are loved and offered compassionate care.

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We provide residential care for eleven residents at Bevern View, Barcombe, East Sussex. Your donation will provide much needed resources towards the refurbishment of our dining area.

We will be painting the dining area and the residents will be involved with choosing colours and design. We will then be able to purchase new height adjustable tables that will assist when doing many activities such as baking, craft activities and music making. We also plan on buying a Smart TV which our residents will be able to use for their daily educational and fun activities.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Every day, seven young people aged 13-24 hear the words “you have cancer”. They will each need specialised nursing care and support to get them through it. We’re the only UK charity dedicated to meeting this vital need – so no young person faces cancer alone.

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It's been a turbulent and isolating year for us all, but more so than ever for young people with cancer.​ Sticking together has never been more important in getting them through it – and you are a vital part of our community.​ Your support has given young people with cancer the care they need and deserve this year: from our specialist nurses, dedicated youth support teams, and virtual networks of other young people who know what they’re going through.​ It costs £30 for an hour of care from a Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse, who knows what cancer really means to young people and can provide thoughtful, sensitive and expert support.  Your kind donation of £1000 will fund over 33 hours of care to young people.

Simon's Heroes

Simon’s Heroes provides resource and opportunities to children aged up to 17 years of age, with life limiting illnesses, that are not always available through the NHS and other funding routes, but go a long way towards helping them lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

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We will use the money to fund a garden sensory project for 12-year-old Mia Parnell. Mia has a neurodegenerative disease which is starting to affect her mobility. She will eventually need to use a wheelchair. We are planning to design a garden area for her where she can go and relax, complete with suitable garden furniture and planters.

Juby Lee Bakes

JubyLee Bakes provides work experience and training to learning disabled young people and adults in a bakery setting, enhancing employability, building self-confidence and independence, and raising disability awareness within the wider community.

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JubyLee Bakes has been working throughout 2020 to complete its own kitchen premises in Thakeham, West Sussex. The funding from Ecclesiastical will contribute to the equipping of the kitchen to a professional standard. This will give us greater flexibility in terms of baking hours and enable us to work with more young people and adults.

At present we work with ten young people, and going forward we seek to grow this by building on existing links with local schools and colleges.

The Living Room

Breaking the cycle of addiction. On average per month, 150 people contact us for support or information and 20 clients are assessed per week across our 4 centres.

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The Living Room has reacted to Covid-19 by running a combination of online and face-to-face counselling for people in Hertfordshire who are living with addiction. Like all organisations we have been impacted by the pandemic with staff sometimes having to stay in isolation or take time off to care for dependents. This award helps us fill the gaps and fulfil our pledge to provide continuous therapeutic counselling for as long as people need us

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers supports refugees in London to find stable, meaningful employment.

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Ecclesiastical's generous donation will fund our Employment and Education Support.. We provide refugees with tailored, 1:1 Employment Advice and Guidance, with support on topics including CV and cover letter writing, job searching and interview practice. We also offer English Language and IT courses at varying levels, along with skills workshops, work placements and permanent job opportunities with our Corporate Partners.

Refugees have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19, and we have expanded and adapted all services to be available remotely, so that we can continue to support our clients during this challenging employment landscape. We have also introduced specific Digital Support to help clients to access our services - such as support with installing Wi-Fi at home and with using Zoom.

Ecclesiastical's donation will help us continue to offer remote support at this most crucial time. With your support, we aim to support 430 refugee clients in 2021, with at least 33% of them achieving an outcome of entering employment, education, volunteering or training. We are so grateful to Ecclesiastical for supporting our work.

Saving Saints Rescue

Our main charitable aim is the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of St Bernards in the UK and across Europe and the education of the general public about the welfare needs of giant breed dogs. 

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We have Duchess and Sunny who are adult St Bernards coming into the UK from severe abuse in Romania and Bernarda who is another St Bernard girl rescued from Spain with hip dysplasia. The money will be spent on their care and vet costs to get them ready for rehoming into a secure and happy life in the UK. In addition, the money spent will help another 3 dogs who will be able to move into the rescue space. 

Countless families will benefit from the love that these St Bernards will share - everyone smiles at a St Bernard and they spread joy wherever they go.  We will be restarting our pat therapy scheme when Covid-19 restrictions allow in 2021 - we visit care homes, dementia and learning disability units, schools, hospices and prisons - spreading the St Bernard love and a bit of slobber! 

REACH Lanarkshire Autism

REACH Lanarkshire Autism provide support and activities to families who have a young person with an Autism Spectrum condition living in North and South Lanarkshire.

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The donation will enable us to support and improve the lives of over 240 families and allow us to continue to help with the additional needs of the families during these unprecedented times.

We have worked hard to maintain a high level of our services since lockdown in March last year and this money will help us continue to support these families remotely, allowing the children to stay active and engaged. It will also support the parents/ carers to have much-needed downtime away from their demanding caring role helping to promote their health and well-being and reduce any isolation.

The Elizabeth Foundation

The Elizabeth Foundation supports deaf and hearing impaired children aged 0 – 5, to learn to listen and talk, enabling them to join school ready and able to learn and play safely alongside their hearing peers.

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As a charity with 40 years’ experience supporting deaf children and their families, we will teach our children to listen through their hearing technologies and to develop clear spoken language. Sessions are led by experienced Teachers of the Deaf who help the children increase their skills and understanding through a wide range of engaging learning activities, building their ability to participate in class, to develop their communication, confidence and self- esteem, alongside all-important social skills.

At The Elizabeth Foundation even profoundly deaf children are able to learn about the hearing world around them, helping to keep them safe; to develop and enjoy appropriate relationships, so they feel included in society; and to develop the vital communication skills they need to join school alongside hearing peers. All this improves their ability to reach their academic potential as young adults.

This wonderful grant will help us to deliver outstanding education and welfare sessions to 28 preschool deaf children attending our Hampshire Family Centre.

Age UK Manchester

Age UK Manchester is committed to ensuring that older people live longer and happier lives; that carers have the time to pursue their own interests whilst their loved one is valued in its care; and that everyone receiving its support is treated with dignity, respect and kindness.

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The generous funding from Ecclesiastical will help support our ongoing Covid-19 Emergency Response Service, where we support older, vulnerable people in the community who cannot access face-to-face services at this time.

Specifically, the funding will allow us to make more than 450 telephone welfare calls to older people to ensure they have someone to talk to, that they are safe and well and that they have food in the cupboards and essential prescriptions on hand. When a problem is spotted, the older person will be referred for quick support from one of our own services or, in the rare event we cannot assist, we will signpost to one of our partners so that no older person in Manchester has to struggle during what is an already challenging time.

Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet is a touring ballet company based in Leeds committed to bringing world-class ballet and passionate storytelling to communities across the UK.

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We believe in the value of creating full-length ballets which appeal to as many people as possible from all walks of life. Our aim is to share the magic of dance with the widest possible audience via our nationwide tours and digital work, making everyone whose lives we touch feel they are part of the Northern Ballet family.

Alongside our artistic work on stage and screen, we are committed to increasing accessibility to dance and to inspiring the next generation of dancers and dance audiences.

As well as providing unrivalled classical dance training to the dancers of the future, we also offer opportunities for people from all walks of life to experience the joy and excitement of dancing. Through our popular children’s ballets and innovative learning and outreach programmes, we strive to reach people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to make dance accessible to all.

This donation will help fund our artistic and outreach work, helping us to bring the joy of dance to everyone, everywhere.

Last year, through our live performances, digital programme, Academy and Outreach work we enriched the lives of over 3.5 million people.

Heart for Truth

We support, encourage and train churches and counselling services who care for those who are traumatised through severe abuse, human trafficking, mental illness or any life-changing trauma. 

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Your donation will fund the purchase of the Director, Carolyn’s, new computer. The old one broke and we had to purchase this essential piece of equipment creating a huge dent in our finances and had to cut back on everything to keep afloat. This donation has enabled us to continue our unique and vital work.

Since the coronavirus our work has moved away from conferences and onto on-line teaching. We receive a constant stream of requests for help from agencies, churches and individuals desperate for guidance and support on issues around severe trauma and its ripple effect on families, churches and communities.

You have enabled Carolyn to continue to manage our many prayer groups, voluntary admin workers, frontline phone and online workers; have national and international Zoom consultations; to run support groups for leaders and survivors; to network with other agencies; to keep in touch with churches we have supported in the past; to conduct teaching sessions for groups and so much more.

We are so very grateful for this gift, and the timing could not have been better.

Carnegie Theatre Trust (Workington)

The £1000 will make a substantial difference to our charity.  Carnegie Theatre Trust supports the Carnegie Theatre in Workington, Cumbria, and brings theatre, arts and education to the community.

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There are two things we’re going to use the money for - either a contribution towards our long-term strategy work or a more tangible thing to help repair the windows in the building. We have one window in the theatre (at balcony level) that we badly need to repair. Maintenance of the listed building is a significant cost for us. This funding will enable us to improve the lives of all who utilise the Theatre.

Dragonfly Cancer Trust

Dragonfly Cancer Trust supports young cancer patients with limited time by providing memory making experiences through the provision of Cash Gifts, arranging memorable experiences and keepsakes.

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The money we receive from Ecclesiasticle will enable the Trust to continue to provide support to young cancer patients during this incredibly difficult third lockdown. What we provide is a very important focus at a time in a young person's life when all hope is lost. Our services enable young cancer patients and their loved ones to forget the devastating circumstances that surrounds them and enables them to spend quality and meaningful time together creating lasting memories. The impact of what we do is far reaching and families, friends, loved ones, carers, significant others and medical teams delight at seeing each patient have their time to be remembered in the way that they choose.

This very kind donation will help support the many of the hundreds of applications we receive on an annual basis.

Hunts Community Cancer Network

Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN) is a local charity run by volunteers, working alongside the NHS community cancer nurse specialists.

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Our aim is to support people across Huntingdonshire who are coping with a diagnosis of cancer, to feel in control of their lives and be able to fully participate in questions about their health.

Cancer affects the whole family, not just the person with the diagnosis. It can be a frightening time, leaving people feeling unsure about the future and coping with the consequences of treatment. We believe that good care is underpinned by mutual respect, valuing diversity, understanding and support. Having a designated nurse who can provide emotional as well as medical support - to reassure and offer treatment at home, act as advocate, enabling those seeing multiple consultants to move information around the NHS systems - makes that an easier path to navigate.

Increasingly cancer can be lived with in the same way as other long-term conditions, particularly when individuals are actively involved in managing their health. The HCCN charity creates opportunities for people to come together with others in a similar situation to offer mutual support, as well as delivering a range of activities proven to mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment, such as exercise, emotional well-being and nutrition, and also education. All our activities are provided free of charge and we rely on fundraising, donations and grants to fund this work.

Take a look at what £1,000 can do...