Thank you

£120,000 awarded to 120 different charities over 12 days

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for getting involved in our 12 days of giving. The charity sector plays a vital role supporting some of the most vulnerable in our society and it was great to see just how valued the work of the charity sector is.

Our 120 winners were delighted to have been selected - £1,000 can make a huge difference to a charity and those they support. Below are just a few of the stories we have received detailing how the funds will be used and the difference it will make. View all 120 winners here.

If you are one of our lucky winners you can still download our Winners press release template here to tell people you have won and share your story.

Call Plus (being there)

Being There provides befriending, respite sitting, hospital transport, counselling and social groups for people with life limiting illnesses, their carers and families.

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The £1000 funding grant from Ecclesiastical will enable us to provide 20 counselling sessions for people with a life limiting illness or their carers who are struggling emotionally, as a result of either their own diagnosis, or that of their loved one. Our counsellors are specially trained to listen and respond empathically to help people who are having difficulties and are distressed. We have found such distress has increased during the long periods of isolation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has added to that caused by trying to manage a life limiting illness. This counselling will enable people to come to terms with their difficulties and start to work through them, reducing distress and anxiety.

London Titans Wheelchair Basketball Club

We aim to increase the uptake by both disabled and able-bodied children, young people, and adults, promoting not only healthy activity but disrupting social isolation and positively challenging the myths and stereotypes about the capabilities of people with disabilities.

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Providing an environment where people socialise, gain confidence, and all the health benefits you would expect from this fast-paced and physically demanding sport. Our pride impacts every aspect of our team’s lives and their family and friends. We aim to extend our reach to allow more new players, schools, and organisations to try our sport and improve mental and physical health by pushing people to perform at their very best. Current Paralympic GB stars such as Jude Hamer, Gaz Choudhry, and Jim Palmer all began their careers with us, working their way up through the divisions from the development teams. You have helped us get to more potential players and stars of the future.

The High Five Club

The High Five Club partners with rural communities living in wildlife areas of Africa, to enable people to lift themselves out of poverty and conserve wildlife at the same time.

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£1,000 goes a long way in rural Africa, where the majority of people drink water that could kill from streams and rivers. Your donation will enable a community in Zambia's wildlife-rich Luangwa Valley to construct a shallow well in their village, bringing safe, clean water to over 200 people. This will both save lives and free up the young girls in the village who walk up to 10km every day to collect water from the river. Freeing them up from this household chore means they can attend school and get an education. And education really is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty they are trapped in. Lives will be saved from not drinking contaminated water anymore and from crocodile attacks that are common when collecting water in some rivers in Africa. Alongside the provision of clean water, the community will be equipped with practical ways they can reduce conflict with the wild animals they live with, with a knock on positive impact on wildlife conservation in the area.

St Clare Hospice

St Clare Hospice is a charity providing specialist palliative care to improve the lives of people affected by a life-limiting illness in West Essex and the borders of East Hertfordshire.

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This donation will help fund our vital hospice services, enabling us to continue caring for people with life-limiting illnesses and their families. Our approach to care enables people, their families, and carers, to make the most of every moment together, no matter how long they have left to live, supporting them whether at home, within their local community or in the Hospice. With limited NHS funding, we need to raise around 60% of our costs each year to provide our services. We therefore rely on donations and the support of our local community to help us raise money each year, so we can continue being there for local families facing one of the most difficult journeys in life.

We support around 1,400 people and their families every year. This donation will help us extend our reach and benefit many more people with life-limiting illness.

Thank you so much for this generous donation – we are so delighted to be a recipient of an Ecclesiastical 12 days of giving grant


We are a small independent charity who rescue and rehome cats and dogs. We work with all animals to rehabilitate them to enable them to thrive in their future home. We never put any animal to sleep and will keep them all in our care until they have found their forever families.

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This donation will enable us to continue to care for our animals. We have many different costs that allow us to do what we do, such as food. We currently use 2-3 boxes of cat meat sachets a day and a huge amount of dry kibble and meat cans for the dogs. Due to the pandemic, we have an increased waiting list of both cats and dogs in our care; this has meant we have even more mouths to feed. Another large cost is vet bills; we ensure that all animals in our centre are neutered before they can go to their forever homes.

This donation will help us pay for these operations, as well as general vet bills such as sprains, dentals and poorly tummies. Of course, we provide our residents with all kinds of enrichment to make their time in our care more enjoyable. We like to purchase yummy treats for them, feeding enrichment such as kongs and licki mats and also lots of toys for them to play with.

We are so pleased to have been drawn to receive £1,000 in your 12 days of giving, thank you so much!

Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour

Firmly grounded in science, our aim is to transform - through nutrition and education- the life chances for those most in need and who are likely to have had limited access to the right nutrition.

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We have been the UK's leading voice on the link between nutrition, the brain, and behaviour since 1983. Our work addresses the rise in mental health and behavioural issues that are often a direct result of poor diet. We support some of the most marginalised groups in society to make positive changes to their diets and build better futures. Many people are missing out on the nutrients the brain and body need to function properly – and the education and knowledge base required to change this. Poor nutrition has been linked to disruptive and anti-social behaviour, lack of concentration, poor learning in schools, violence and self-harm. Funding allows us to continue to build our evidence base through practical programmes and research, enabling us to give everyone the information they need to think through nutrition.

D'Sign Arts (NI)

We are a charity making life fully inclusive for Deaf people and those with hearing loss through the median of the arts. Together, we campaign for an inclusive society. We empower adults with skills and provide them with a creative outlet using all forms of expression

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The donation will help us to provide a painting workshop session for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We did deliver arts and craft workshops earlier this year and the majority of Deaf people really enjoyed it. The feedback we received was very positive and we would like to see another workshop to happen in early 2022. This workshop will help to improve the health and wellbeing of Deaf and hard of hearing people especially those with mental health issues due to the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 and early 2021.

The Covid-19 lockdown had made a huge impact on the lives of many Deaf and hard of hearing people in Northern Ireland. Many were not allowed to meet face to face due to the lockdown. D’Sign Arts (NI) aims to improve the wellbeing of Deaf and hard of hearing people by providing a therapeutic workshop where they can enjoy painting taught by a qualified tutor. We will use the donation to cover some of the costs towards the materials and the Sign Language interpreter costs. This will mean Deaf and hard of hearing people can meet once again face to face and enjoy some painting as well as having some social time. The most recent workshop we had was the Media Training workshop, which lasted for ten weeks and finished on 6th December 2021. This workshop was successful and we would like to start the painting workshop in early 2022.

Hope Rescue

At Hope Rescue, we save the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs that, through no fault of their own, need a second chance. We also help owners in crisis who need to surrender their dogs, giving them peace of mind that their dogs will be rehomed responsibly.

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This money will make a huge difference to us at Hope Rescue. We are in the midst of a post Covid animal welfare crisis, and we are busier than we have ever been before. £1,000 for us can cover a month’s gas bill to heat the kennels and keep the dogs in our care warm and safe this winter. At a time our vets’ bill are forecast to be over £200,000, we could not be more grateful – thank you.

Solent Dolphin

Solent Dolphin takes people with disabilities on day trips out to sea.

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This award will enable us to provide a new canvas roof with see-through panels to improve our passengers' experience. Presently, passengers can only see horizontally but to be able to look vertically especially when close up to the many cruise liners visiting Southampton will be excellent. This money will also help us purchase an additional stern gland earlier than expected which may prevent any breakdowns. We have already budgeted to replace one stern gland but both really need replacement and so the funds will keep the boat fully operational through the coming season.

We would normally make 300+ trips in a season and carry in excess of 3,500 passengers including at least 350 in wheelchairs.

Hampshire Spirit Horse Rescue

Hampshire Spirit Horse Rescue was set up to relieve suffering of horses and ponies in the Hampshire area in need of care and attention by providing a rescue centre to rehome and rehabilitate them, and to help the people of Hampshire to rehome and support their horses and ponies if they can no longer care for them. 

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The money will be used to build a field shelter for the resident horses to help shelter from the winter weather. This will make a massive difference to us as the money we previously raised for this project sadly was used for high, unexpected, veterinary bills.

The funding will help us get through the winter and continue to help us support and keep accepting horses in our care to be rehomed.

Megan’s Starr Foundation

We are a charity that provides mental health & bullying support and advice to young people, parents/carers throughout Pembrokeshire.

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We are extremely active in the community running workshops and projects to help with mental health and well-being. We fund free professional counselling services/peer support to young people who are facing crisis and peer support to parents who feel that they are not able to cope alone with the trials and tribulations of parenthood. We work in a unique and diverse way in an attempt to break the stigma to accessing support and to bridge the gap to statutory services. We are in the process of opening a Community Coffee House where people can access support, as well as offering disadvantaged young people the chance to have work experience in a safe supportive environment, which will enable them to gain confidence and experience before going out into the working environment where they will contribute to the economy.

The grant will help to improve the mental health of young people in the community, by having better access to services and support networks for issues that arise from the negative impacts post Covid. Covid has brought many worries for the family, both personal and financial, thus impacting upon the mental health of young people. Working in the Coffee House will help with employment and interpersonal skills including self-confidence building, communication skills, organisational skills, and teamwork. These will all improve a young person's chances of gaining employment in a competitive seasonal environment. More importantly, it will help them with their well-being and sense of achievement or help them to cope with rejection, which may result from a shortage of employment opportunities due to lack of experience.

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre gives the living a chance at life by rescuing, caring for and rehoming cats, rabbits and guinea pigs in need across West Sussex.

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This donation will make a big difference and will help us to continue to rescue, care for, and rehome cats, rabbits and guinea pigs that are abandoned, unwanted or stray. This £1,000 will allow us to continue to provide essential care to the animals cared for at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, including filling tummies at dinner times and providing crucial vet treatment. One aim of our charity is to help reduce the number of unwanted and stray cats in the UK and so we educate and participate in activities concerning neutering. We are often requested to help manage feral cat colonies, whereby we humanely trap stray cats on site and bring them to The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre for a health check, to receive any veterinary treatment if required and to neuter them before finding them forever homes. This £1,000 donation will allow us to continue to help feral cat colonies via helping to cover vet bills and costs associated with caring for them before they can be rehomed.

Batten Disease Family Association

The Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA) provides practical and emotional support to families affected by Batten disease, as well as facilitating access to potential treatments, supporting research into Batten disease and raising awareness.

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This kind award will help towards the costs of our family support service for families affected by Batten disease. Batten disease is a rare neurodegenerative condition that affects children. It causes a progressive loss of all skills and the development of intractable epilepsy and childhood dementia. There are 13 types of Batten disease and it is a devastating and life-changing diagnosis. Sadly there is currently no cure for Batten disease and all those affected will usually die anywhere between young childhood to young adulthood, depending on the specific diagnosis.

The BDFA currently support 105 families with 111 children and young people with Batten disease (some families have more than one affected child). Our family support team provide our core support service, as they support families throughout the UK, providing direct practical and emotional support from the point of diagnosis, throughout their journey and post-bereavement. The support team visit families, attend meetings with families, run workshops for professionals and facilitate a community for families to connect to each other. The crucial provision of the built community within the BDFA helps families to share their experiences, also their feelings and as a result, they feel less isolated and alone.

Binky Buns

Based in Sunderland, in the North East of England, our dedicated team of volunteers give hope and help to abandoned and neglected rabbits and guinea pigs. We provide a safe and spacious refuge for our small animals to enjoy life while they are with us.

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The Ecclesiastical donation will enable us to continue our work in animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. It will also help fund our recently created sanctuary where we care for elderly and disabled residents who have ongoing health or behavioural issues, which mean they are unlikely to ever be adopted.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, our services have been in increasing demand as many people in the community have struggled financially and with difficult family circumstances. We seek to reach out with advice and practical help as often as we can. This comes with ever-rising veterinary, supply and general costs and so the Ecclesiastical donation could not have come at a better time.

NeuroMuscular Centre

NeuroMuscular Centre supports people with neuromuscular conditions and their families, providing physiotherapy, training and development, young people support, and our ConnectUp programmes, all of which improve physical and mental health.

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This generous donation will help us to fund over six months’ worth of physiotherapy sessions for someone with a neuromuscular condition, or one session of physiotherapy for sixteen of our service users.

Our physiotherapy service provides ongoing treatment for adults and young people with neuromuscular conditions where the NHS does not, which we provide free of charge. All treatments are individually tailored to each of our service users, making use of the available muscle power to maintain flexibility and joint range, via acupuncture, hydrotherapy, mobility maintenance, soft tissue therapies, and standing treatments.

Physio is crucial in maintaining muscle strength and muscle tone for longer, it helps with pain management, enables people to stay in work longer, to exercise safely and, therefore, live healthier and fitter lives. The benefits to that person or persons are impossible to put into words, as these physio sessions will enable them to keep doing the things they love for as long as possible, things that many people will take for granted, like going out with friends, walking the dog, and going shopping independently.

Reverse Rett

Reverse Rett is a patient advocacy and research organisation focused on delivering treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome to everyone affected.

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The donation will help Reverse Rett continue to fund the CIPP Rett Centre, which is based at King's College Hospital in London. It is the only specialised Rett Centre in the UK. Professor Santosh and his multi-skilled team monitor children and adults with Rett Syndrome through the CIPP Rett Database and conduct clinical trials.

They have also had 7 scientific papers published in scientific journals and are learning more about this debilitating condition every day whilst helping families cope with the myriad of symptoms this devastating condition causes.

Rett Syndrome is estimated to affect 1:10000 people. If we are successful in our mission of delivering a cure then people living with the condition will benefit throughout the UK and beyond.

Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer trust

The donation will be used towards our core costs at the charity.

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This will help us to keep our core services of funding research, supporting families, writing information booklets for families and raising awareness of childhood cancer. Your donation will help to make a difference to children fighting cancer.

Thank you so much. Because the children of today all deserve a tomorrow.

Laura Lynn Childrens Hospice

For children with life-limiting conditions infection control is part of daily life for their families.   To protect their vulnerable child during the pandemic, many have had to cocoon without their usual supports.

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Caring for a very sick child with complex medical and daily care needs, around the clock, is demanding, and coping with all the challenges of the pandemic on top of that has been extremely difficult. Hospice care is vital to help with the challenges, to give families a chance to rest and recharge, to enjoy precious family time together away from the medical demands, and to access crisis or end of life care when it is needed.

Now more than ever, families need a break from the challenges of the pandemic. Your donation would go towards our care fund, helping LauraLynn provide that break in the form of short stays at the hospice. The child stays in one of our large, bright children’s bedrooms and the family have the choice to stay in our luxury family accommodation or have an essential break elsewhere, knowing that their child is in a loving, safe, experienced and caring environment.

Every day and every stay at LauraLynn is different. Some are filled with joy, giggles and smiles, where a child has their first experience of our sensory room or our sensory bath, gets to play in the wheelchair accessible garden or takes part in a music or art session with their siblings or grandparents. Others can be a time for parents to get support in feeding their child, comfortably positioning them, or managing new symptoms. Perhaps mum or dad need the support of our psychologist, at a time before or after bereavement, or a brother or sister would benefit from some play therapy to help them express how they are feeling and how to cope. Some stays will be planned respite stays, where parents can hand over the complex daily medical and care needs to our expert team, and simply enjoy some time to relax and have fun as a family. Others could be helping a family who are exhausted or facing a family emergency and need crisis care. Sadly, for some families, it could be the last time they are all together as a family, and while LauraLynn cannot change what is happening, we can help to make it easier and to give families the most positive experience possible under tragic circumstances

Charlies Challenge

Charlie’s Challenge raises funds for research into children’s brain tumours. Currently, we are helping fund Brain UK which is the world’s first national virtual brain tissue bank.

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We are thrilled that Charlie’s Challenge has been drawn as one of your lucky £1,000 winners in your annual Twelve days of giving. Thank you very much, indeed.

Charlie’s Challenge raises funds for research into children’s brain tumours. Currently, we are helping fund Brain UK which is the world’s first national virtual brain tissue bank. Brain UK has created and manages a game-changing database that catalogues over 120,000 tumour tissue samples held across the network of NHS and Academic Pathology Centres in the UK. The facility acts as a “matchmaker,” linking suitable tumour samples to researchers investigating a range of neurological diseases, including brain tumours.

With over 120 types of brain tumour currently identified, finding stored tissue samples that match the tumour type that a researcher wants to study can be a huge challenge. This is particularly true of rarer brain tumours. Thankfully, the NHS provides a unique resource through their network of hospitals and academic centres, some of which have brain tumour samples that are over 40 years old. For a rare tumour type, this historical data can provide an invaluable resource that enables larger numbers of cases to be compared.

Brain UK also offers a “fast track” ethics approval service, enabling research to begin more quickly than would otherwise be possible, saving both time and resources for the research teams. Thank you very much again for the £1000 which will help in our quest to find better treatments and eventually a cure for brain tumours.

Scottish Spina Bifida Association

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland (SBH Scotland) provides a lifetime commitment of support for babies, children, young people and adults affected by spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus as well as their carers/parents, siblings and other family members.

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Spina bifida is a development disorder that occurs in early pregnancy and usually results in the individual being born paralysed from the waist down, requiring lifetime use of a wheelchair.

80% of those with spina bifida will also have hydrocephalus which may affect learning, coordination and communication. Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland (SBH Scotland) was created by parents, for parents, in 1965. Now over fifty years later, families and their individual needs are still at the heart of our service delivery.

Staffed by an experienced nursing and support team, SBH Scotland has grown to a national charity providing a lifelong commitment of specialist support to over 4000 service users Scotland wide; babies, children, young people and adults with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, their carers/parents, siblings and other family members. Our Family Support team embrace a national remit by providing a holistic multi-faceted whole family support service to all of those affected, including: one-to-one support in homes and schools, combined clinics in hospitals, support groups, financial advice, a helpline, play sessions, outings and workshops.

Our aims are simple. To ensure all affected are empowered to live the highest quality of life possible.

Health in Mind

A small mental health charity whose services are needed more than ever at the moment.

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We were absolutely delighted to have been drawn as one of your winners – we can’t thank you enough! As a small mental health charity (whose services are needed more than ever at the moment) £1,000 will really make a massive difference for us and help fund a number of activities:

  • £6 can support someone to take part in local groups and activities
  • £13 can provide peer support for people experiencing drug or alcohol problems
  • £20 can pay for a volunteer and an isolated person to go on an outing together – for example, swimming or to a museum.
  • £54 can pay for an hour of counselling for survivors of childhood abuse
  • £100 can pay for the entire training and support of a befriending volunteer – enabling them to support people that are isolated and experiencing mental health problems.

Thank you for helping us end the stigma surrounding mental health. Talking about mental health is invaluable and makes a huge difference!

Central Remedial Clinic

The Central Remedial Clinic (CRC) is a voluntary organisation and charity working with and supporting nearly 4000 children and adults with complex and multiple disabilities, their families, and carers, across Ireland.

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This generous donation from Ecclesiastical’s 12 days of giving will provide additional income that is vital to supporting the work of the CRC.

Our services address a wide range of needs; we hold over 36,000 clinical sessions every year, teach over 160 pupils in two special schools, and provide day services, training, and education for over 300 adults across several Local Centres in Dublin. Fundraising income is vital for us to ensure that the people we serve receive the highest level of support and services. Your support and generosity empowers us to continue to pursue our mission of working towards a better and brighter future, where everyone living with a disability can achieve their potential and live full lives as equal and valued citizens.

Girlguiding Staffordshire

Girlguiding Staffordshire gives thousands of girls and young women across Staffordshire a space where they can be themselves, have fun, build brilliant friendships, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and their communities.

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The donation we have received will fund a retention/thank you event specifically aimed at our young volunteers (aged 14 to 30). These young volunteers are the future of our organisation and so retaining them is vital to our future success.

Saying thank you to volunteers is so important. It recognises the contribution they make to our charity, to the girls and young women we support, and to each other. Letting our young volunteers know they are appreciated will make them feel valued and respected. We hope that by giving them a positive experience within Girlguiding, they will keep coming back to volunteer and future-proof Girlguiding Staffordshire.

Crafting for communities

We are a local, friendly community group making useful items for dementia patients, local hospitals, vulnerable people and those living in poverty.

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This award from your 12 days of giving will enable us to buy wool, material, haberdashery and associated items. The raw materials will produce things like, worry monsters and worry worms for womens aid, teddies and material totes for children admitted to several local hospitals, care packs for those newly diagnosed with cancer in local hospitals and those undergoing renal treatment, bereavement bags and items for two large children’s hospitals, plus so much more. We also make items for us to sell at craft fairs, to raise more funds to buy more materials on-going. So not ony will it provide now, this donation will enable us to support ourselves for the future as well.

Being able to purchase these materials will also help the other reason for our charity, in improving the mental health of those involved. Providing a community spirit, sense of purpose, and an opportunity for those involved to make a difference.

Rare chromosome disorder support group

Unique provides much-needed help and information to families who have children born often sick and severely disabled with rare chromosome and gene disorders.

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This donation will help to fund Unique’s ‘Listening Ear’. This is our Telephone and Email helpline, the first point of contact for parents having received a diagnosis of a rare chromosome or gene disorder for their child. Many are distressed and confused when they call us, struggling to understand what the diagnosis means for their child. They come to us in desperate need of support and information. We can answer many of their questions, go through complex medical terminology and begin to give them a clearer picture of what the future may hold.

Using information we have collected over many years from other families, published medical literature and experts in the field, this includes the health, developmental and other issues their child is likely to face and the therapies seen to be effective in others with similar conditions. As genomics becomes more mainstream, many more children (and increasingly adults) are receiving a diagnosis and Unique’s Listening Ear helps thousands of families every year, as well as the professionals working with and caring for them. As one parent told us recently, “it meant an awful lot to have a caring, informed voice on the end of the phone in these particularly difficult times.”


Schoolreaders finds volunteers and places them in primary schools where they provide free one-to-one reading sessions. Our aim is to make sure that every child can read well.

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Ecclesiastical’s 12 days of giving will help us to scale-up and mitigate the impact of the pandemic on children’s reading. This will have life-changing consequences for children, especially the most disadvantaged. Ecclesiastical’s funding will provide more than 66 children with weekly one to one reading support sessions for a whole academic year.

In 2019 our results showed that in an academic year, 95% of children progressed in their reading age between 1-6 months after time with one of our volunteers.

With reading being the cornerstone to accessing learning, together with the devasting impact of the pandemic, Schoolreaders’ task is greater than ever and with Ecclesiastical’s support, we will make a real difference to the lives of so many children and their wider communities.

Citywise Education

At Citywise our mission is “Improving communities by working with young people to develop the whole person through academic support and personal development”.

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We run programmes in underserved communities for young people aged between 8-21. These programmes seek to raise the personal and educational aspirations of young people while supporting them to achieve their new goals.

This donation will help fund the running costs of our most important programme, Fast Track Academy. Our most popular and successful programme, Fast Track Academy offers education and personal support to young people from underserved communities from 3rd year (secondary school) to third level education. This includes academic classes, study support, mentorship and workshops. This donation will help us continue delivering these services, primarily focusing on equipment costs for classes, which are a very important aspect of FTA.

Fast Track supports over 200 people each year, with over 80% of these students reaching third-level education.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue

The charity’s aims are to relieve the suffering of cats who are in need of care and attention and, in particular, to provide or maintain rescue homes or other facilities for the reception and care of such.

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The sad truth is that right now our waiting list for spaces is endless, and there are still so many cats out there that need our help. Every cat that comes into our centre is given the best possible care by our dedicated team. Every cat is microchipped, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms and neutered, as well as any other medical or behavioural treatment required before rehoming. In some cases this can run into thousands of pounds in veterinary costs for one animal. We never put a healthy cat to sleep and sometimes this means we get chronically ill cats (or kittens) that can still lead a very good life but have to have long-term medication and/or treatment.

Every year, here at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, we take in around one thousand lost, abandoned or unwanted cats and this costs approximately £1,200 per day!

This donation will help us to fund all of the above plus the everyday necessities such as food, litter, bedding and heating for many more cats and kittens this winter.


The £1000 donation will help fund the costs of the next DYRK1a Families Meet up Conference in the UK.

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The conference is an amazing opportunity to connect with other families from across the UK and share information and experiences in dealing with the challenges our DYRK1a children and young people have in life.

In addition to our families gaining more of an understanding around the medical aspects, traits, latest research and therapies from the specialist speakers who will attend and present during the event we are also able to use the conference to establish and provide knowledge to them.

The funding provided will help ensure that as many families as possible are able to benefit from this event by being able to pay for the conference facilities during the meet up for all the speakers and the families attending. This will help encourage attendance of families who would otherwise not feel able to financially.

The Unicorn Centre

The Unicorn Centre is a purpose-built riding for the disabled centre offering opportunities for riding therapy, learning, fun and achievement to disabled children and adults from all over Teesside.

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This £1,000 funding will enable the Centre to cover the costs of caring for 2 of its ponies over the remaining winter months; their forage and feed, shoeing and veterinary bills until the Spring. The Centre is entirely self-funding and relies heavily on donations and grant funding, so this much-needed £1,000 from Ecclesiastical ultimately secures the Unicorn Centre to be able to provide continued opportunities for riding therapy and contact with the ponies for disabled children from the Teesside area. Each pony can provide up to 18 sessions per week, so this funding allows the Centre to offer over 400 disabled participants the opportunity to benefit from riding therapy and contact with the ponies. A wonderful Christmas present – thank you!

Dundalk Dog Rescue

Our Mission is to save the lives of dogs on the "put to sleep" lists in pounds, to help rehabilitate and re-home them, and to promote responsible dog ownership.

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We encourage responsible dog ownership and advocate the vaccination, micro chipping and neuter/spaying of family pets.

We have nearly finished our amazing new Dog Rescue & Educational Centre and are hoping to start using the badly needed kennels by February. The rescue centre is 95% complete and has been built to a high standard and energy saving policies. It will make such a huge difference to us and to the number of dogs we can help each year and also to the community of Dundalk and the wider area as we promote responsible dog ownership, especially to the younger generation. We currently help about 300 dogs per year.

Cecil’s Horse Sanctuary

Cecil’s Horse Sanctuary offers a loving permanent home to horses and ponies who are old, abandoned, neglected, abused or unwanted

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Cecil’s Horse Sanctuary offers a loving permanent home to horses and ponies who are old, abandoned, neglected, abused or unwanted (horses and ponies who had nowhere else to go and, in most cases, would have been euthanized).

Cecil’s Horse Sanctuary plays an important role in the local community - opening to visitors and giving them the chance to interact with our ponies. Visitors have the chance to groom the ponies and take them for a walk in our woodland area - where they can also learn more about the local wildlife. During the summer months, we hold weekly sessions for visitors from Mencap. We also take on volunteers from the age of 14 and upwards - providing hands-on experiences with all aspects of sanctuary life.

This donation will help fund the upkeep of our rescued equines. The past few years have been particularly difficult for us as we have been unable to hold many of our fundraising activities. We will use the money for feed, bedding, farrier bills, medical bills and land rent. The ponies eat their way through around £400 of hay per week and in addition are fed with ‘hard feeds’ to match their dietary requirements (around £200 a week). For some, this means low-calorie food to prevent weight gain and, for others, high-calorie food to help them build up condition. Some of the ponies are on supplements to support their individual needs (liver damage, laminitis, hormonal problems). Farrier visits are essential to keep the ponies hooves in good condition - these are £25 a pony.

Midshires Search and Rescue

Midshires Search and Rescue (MSAR) is the Lowland Search and Rescue organisation for the counties of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire; we are an organisation of trained volunteers who are called out by the Police to search for missing and vulnerable people.

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We may be mobilised at short notice to search for a missing person in woodland, quarries, watercourses, nature reserves, farmland, towns and villages. Operating in all weathers, 24/7, 365 days a year, our search teams can save lives. Families and friends of missing people appreciate that a group of specialist volunteers have been ready and able to give their time to search for their loved one.

Our assistance was requested by the police and our partner agencies 71 times in 2021.

This donation is a very valuable addition to our funding being a Charity run wholly by volunteers. The money will enable us to continue with our work through the purchase of equipment for our members and our two vehicles.

The safety of our volunteers is paramount, and we are continually needing to meet the costs of essential safety equipment. This can be items such as High- Viz for our members which ensures that our teams are able to work safely in hazardous environments where visibility is essential. This is not only for us, but to other emergency services, the general public and the missing people that we are searching for.

MSAR is also able to assist in civil emergency situations such as flooding. To ensure that members are ready for water deployment, we need to ensure that training to a required standard is up to date; such courses come at cost.

Boccia England

Boccia England improves the physical and emotional wellbeing of disabled children and adults through the uniquely accessible sport of boccia.

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The donation will support us as we help severely disabled children and adults get “Back to Boccia” in the wake of the pandemic. Our priorities for the next 12 months are to have disabled people playing boccia again at their clubs and against each other in local boccia competitions, feeling confident that they are safe; for all volunteers to have the relevant training to ensure they are providing a safe environment; and to have boccia clubs thriving again, having regular training sessions with plenty of volunteers, entering competitions, and starting to attract new players.

For over half of our regular players, boccia is the only physical exercise they can participate in, due to the severity of their disability. Boccia is more than just a sport – it’s a lifeline for many disabled people who can often be marginalised when it comes to physical activity. It’s a way they can excel, set goals to work towards, and make life-long friendships. You only have to watch boccia being played to see its impact through the joy and sense of determination on the faces of the disabled athletes, and the pleasure this gives their families and wider support networks.

The funding will help us support boccia players across the country – we currently have 454 individual members, and 39 member clubs. A lot of boccia is played through delivery by partners we support. In 2019/20 we know that at least 54,000 people played boccia. Around half of these were children in schools

Farnley Falcons ARLFC

Offering the opportunity to play Rugby League to more children then ever before.

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The support from Ecclesiastical will help us to invest in our club and provide suitable equipment for all of our 200+ members from children of 6 years old to our men's teams. We have seen a huge increase in membership in the last 18 months and the demands that this places on our club are immense. This award will facilitate our continued growth and give us the opportunity to offer the opportunity to play Rugby League to more children than ever before.

Aldwinians RUFC

Aldwinians Rugby Club enables children from as young as 2, to adults (both male and female) to enjoy playing, coaching, and supporting rugby with all the added benefits of social inclusion. 

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The £1000 will be a huge benefit to the club. Since lockdown we have worked really hard to engage with the community, and we have increased our junior playing numbers considerably. With this money, we will be able to purchase much needed equipment such as balls, bibs, and cones. We are also able to go much further and buy tackle shields and bags which are in short supply and will make a huge impact on training nights.

The club currently has 400 playing members.

Baby Necessities

Baby Necessities are a baby bank covering southern Hampshire who support families experiencing poverty or financial hardship.

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The donation we receive will allow us to purchase items we need to have brand new, such as mattresses to promote safe sleeping, breast pumps, bottle teats, electrical items such as baby monitors, car seats and anything else we may need that we are either struggling to get donated or have to purchase brand new due to safety and hygiene.

In the last year we've helped over 200 families and Ecclesiastical’s donation will allow us to keep doing this and should help us with approximately 20-30 families depending on what items we need to purchase.


Fleecehaven is a family run charity, based in North Devon, which specialises in rescuing sheep.

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Fleecehaven is currently home to in excess of 100 retired and rescued sheep. The day-to-day running of the charity is carried out by Emma, who is profoundly deaf, with assistance from her Mum, Anne.

Fleecehaven relies entirely upon donations and monies received through fund-raising activities and an ‘Adopt-a-Sheep’ scheme. All money raised goes directly to support the rescued Fleecehaven flock; no salaries are paid.

Costs are considerable, mainly consisting of food, bedding and veterinary treatment. This incredible donation will hopefully go towards our ‘hospital’ building where new arrivals and sick animals will be housed and looked after.

Since 1995, Fleecehaven has saved the lives of more than 300 sheep who would otherwise have died through illness, neglect or slaughter.

It has also supported pet sheep owners with sheep husbandry advice and assisted numerous members of the public with regards to sheep welfare issues.

Fleecehaven has also helped to raise the profile of the wonderful sentient beings that sheep can be.

The Ropewalk

We are so delighted to have been awarded this funding. The Ropewalk Charity runs a quarter of a mile long Grade II listed building as an arts and community centre

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To get older people out of the house and reduce isolation since last autumn we have run a Wednesday project especially for older people. They attend a film, followed by lunch and a craft activity for just £5. It has grown in popularity from 16 attenders the first week to 87 for the last session of the year. As a result 80+ people are now participating in weekly activities that stimulate the brain and reduce isolation; friendships have been formed and the participants have also become more engaged in other projects at The Ropewalk such as the singing for pleasure group.

We raised funds to run this project at a low cost and your funding will enable us to continue this until summer 2022. Thank you.

Duffus Cancer Foundation

Duffus Cancer Foundation (DCF) aim to make a positive difference to children & young people's wellbeing through group activities and 121 support. 

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This funding will enable our foundation to purchase 5 brand new mobile phones for our staff. This will enable our workers to have work mobiles so they can have direct 121 communication with children & young people we support. Our 121 offer provides our clients with access to recreational activities and a safe space to help build positive relationships, confidence and self-esteem.

Over the next 12 month’s we aim to support 15-20 young people via our 121 support.

Microtia UK

Microtia UK is the only UK based charity that supports those born with microtia and their families.

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Microtia (Greek for ‘little ear’) is a malformation or misshape of the external part of the ear (pinna) and can vary in severity from the ear being smaller than expected to varying degrees of absence of the outer ear, affecting hearing.

We are so grateful for the £1,000 donation. It will contribute towards our continued support that we give to those born with microtia and their families. We will be able to provide Microtia UK charity members with a chance to meet others who were also born with microtia, by offering for them to attend one of our family fun days and we can give them the tools needed to make informed decisions.

Thank you so much.

Aberdeen Street Pastors

We are a group of volunteers whose work is undertaken mainly in the night-time economy of Aberdeen City at weekends and during the day at St Machar Academy where we seek to ‘listen, care and help’ without judgement or prejudice to those we meet.

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Your £1,000 could buy hats, gloves, blankets & food for many of the homeless and vulnerable people we meet at night. It could train and equip three new volunteers. It could enable us to continue to offer to students the ‘Flourish’/’Rooted’ well-being programmes in school for numerous children. Thank you so much.

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